My Quiet Book for Toddlers by Pockets of Learning

Product description Our ORIGINAL My Quiet Book. Button a button, snap a snap, tie a shoe, textures to touch, zippers to zip and more! This all-time-favorite interactive book even has a clock with hands that move. Designed to keep little ones busy and quiet in the car, stroller, plane, restaurant, church or anywhere. Pieces are tethered to the book so your toddler never loses them. Sturdy reinforced fabric pages have great activities for toddlers to practice basic skills. My Quiet Book is pre-washed, just one example of our High Quality. Early learning experts confirm: These are important developmental skills. Plus check out this Quality feature on our ORIGINAL My Quiet Book: Belt ends are sealed - No raveled threads, ever! Other Safety examples: (1) Tab on Zipper page is made of cloth, not metal or lead, and (2) Length of the Tie shoelace is tested to rigorous Government standards. This darling cloth book offers hands-on experience in recognizing shapes, telling time, buttoning, buckling, snapping, lacing, distinguishing textures, and zipping. The soft red book measures 8 inches and has a sturdy red zipper around three sides, with soft stuffed handles on top. Three bright balloons and "My Quiet Book" are embroidered on the front. Inside are four stiff white fabric-covered pages featuring eight different activities. There are quilted shapes in primary colors with Velcro attachments, a clock with movable hands, pastel quilted flowers that button onto their stems, and bright quilted balloons that snap onto their strings. There's a buckle to thread on a pair of denim shorts, white laces to secure a red and yellow tennis shoe, bright squares of differently textured fabrics for touching, and a zipper to fasten a floral dress. Each page is lovingly finished and features a prominently placed embroidered skill title. This book is great for skill learning at home and even better as a traveling companion! --Tami Horiuchi